Partners of DIFS-Live

.. DIFS-Live is developed and implemented by partners with extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise ..

Partners of DIFS-Live

Indonesian and Dutch partners with extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise are responsible for implementing DIFS-Live. DIFS-Live is a partnership programme where the public sector organisations provide the regulatory frameworks, enforcement and part of the funding; the private sector provides investment power and entrepreneurship; and the NGO’s and knowledge organisations contribute with know-how and capacity building.

The main implementation partners of the programme are:

Wageningen University & Research (Wageningen UR)

In DIFS-Live, the expertise of the following four Wageningen UR Institutes is combined:

  • Wageningen UR Central Veterinary Institute (CVI)
  • Wageningen UR Livestock Research (WLR)
  • Wageningen UR Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI)
  • Wageningen UR Agricultural Economic Research Institute (LEI)

Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agricultural University)

The following four faculties of the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) participate in DIFS-Live:

–    The Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA-IPB)
–    The Faculty of Animal Sciences (FP-IPB)
–    The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH-IPB)
–    The Centre for tropical animal studies (LPPM-IPB)

Advance Consulting BV

Advance Consulting assists with the programme management and communication and facilitates with the business-to-business developments. Advance Consulting is a Dutch business advisory firm that assists companies with investments in emerging economies and advises Government agencies and development organisation on inclusive business development in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Other (private sector) partners that contributed to DIFS-Live