Inception phase

.. used to prepare detailed work plans for the three-year implementation phase of the programme ..

Inception phase

DIFS-Live is divided into an inception and implementation phase. The inception phase of the programme started on 1 November 2013 and was concluded by the end of May 2014. This period was used to prepare detailed work plans for the implementation phase of the programme (September 2014 up to December 2017).

During the inception period, the following activities were implemented.

  • A consumer survey was developed and implemented to provide greater insight in the current level of awareness, attitude and buying practices of different categories of urban consumers. One of the main findings of the consumer survey was that consumers in Jakarta have little awareness on safety and quality issues related to (poultry) meat production and consumption;
  • Analyses were done of the current situation of the poultry processing, poultry farming and dairy feed systems;
  • Discussions with Indonesian and Dutch private sector partners in the dairy feed and poultry meat sub-sectors were held on the opportunities and developments in the sectors and on the possible roles and contributions of the private sector;
  • Capacity building needs in both sub-sectors were assessed and discussions were held with Indonesian and Dutch training institutions on their possible participation;
  • Awareness was raised on the existence of the DIFSLIVE programme by attending meetings, site visits and seminars;
  • Expert meetings and brainstorm sessions were held to design specific interventions for the dairy feed and poultry meat sub-sectors;
  • A more detailed monitoring, evaluation and communication plan for DIFSLIVE was developed;


Annex A Consumer survey purchasing behavior chicken meat

Preferences for poultry meat Consumer study in the Jakarta region December / January 2014.

Annex B Socio-economic survey slaugther process

A socio-economic analysis of the three dominant trading and slaughtering systems of the poultry sector in Greater Jakarta Area.