‘Seeing is believing’ is the rationale behind the road show of the Ayam Dingin Segar campaign. By giving consumers in Jakarta the chance to experience the taste of cooled chicken, the road show helps in convincing them of the quality and freshness of the product. The road show of the Ayam Dingin Segar campaign started on 18 December and visits 20 locations in the Jakarta region (Jabodetabek).

On 29 January 2017, the road show visited the Graya Raya shopping area in Tangerang. More than 70 women were very eager to learn more about Ayam Dingin Segar and enjoy the informative and vibrant event on the early Sunday morning. Chef Edwin Lau, endorser of the campaign, started the event by explaining the benefits of cooled chicken to the audience. Amid great interest of the public and press, he clarified how to recognise the freshness of cooled chicken and how to store it before preparation.

At the end of programme three small groups prepared a delicious and tasteful dish with ayam dingin segar. The lucky winners of this cooking competition received a goodie bag of the campaign. These new supporters will certainly tell their family and friends how tasty and fresh ayam dingin segar is. ‘Seeing is believing’ is a good way to convince consumers, demonstrated this ninth roadshow once again.