Meeting food safety standards is a precondition for further growth and development of the poultry meat sector. Before a HACCP system can be implemented a proper foundation is needed, the so-called Pre-requisites Programmes (PRPs). The NKV (Nomor Kontrol Veterinair) status is based on PRPs and is a minimum requirement for the poultry abattoirs in Indonesia.

On April 19, 2016 the training on these Pre-Requisite Programmes for poultry slaughterhouse supervisors and district officers started. The opening session was held at the Training Centre at Cinagara, Bogor. The director of the Training Centre and Peter van Horne of Wageningen UR gave a speech at the opening session. The course was held for three weeks and focused on:

  1. the development of skills and knowledge of district officers in advising poultry slaughterhouses to apply good practices (GMPs/SSOPs) and following the roadmap to the NKV status.
  2. the increase of knowledge and skills of slaughterhouses supervisors to be able to apply good practices (GMPs/SSOPs) and achieving the NKV status for their abattoirs.

The course consisted of a mix of classroom sessions and on-site assignments. Each training had around 25 participants working for local slaughterhouses and the government.