DIFS Live together with PT Medion Farma Jaya and Sommen Automation & Electronics has established the Modern Broiler Learning Centre (MBLC) just outside Bandung, West Java. The centre was officially opened on Thursday 19th January. The MBLC will be used for demonstration and practical training on improved broiler farming principles and practices.

The official opening was carried out by Mr. Jonas Yayha and Mr Yirhan Sim (PT Medion), Mr. Frank Joosten (Advance Consulting, DIFS Live Coordinator), Ms Ana Saleh (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Mr Imron Suandy (Directorate General for Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture). Dr Rick van Emous of Wageningen Livestock Research gave a presentation on the benefits of climate control and ventilation in broiler houses in terms of improved production, animal welfare and sustainability. Mr Erwin Sommen of Sommen Automation & Electronics and his colleague Ms Cilla Mulyadi explained the design and functions of the software systems developed for climate control and monitoring of the broiler performance.

After the presentations participants visited the new broiler farm houses and witnessed the release of the first day-old-chciks. The MBLC consists of two broiler houses with a forced ventilation systems (tunnel or cross ventilation). Both houses contain two tiers and four separated compartments which also can be used for applied research. In total the broiler houses have a capacity of 16,400 birds.

The presentations of the different speakers during the opening of the MBLC can be downloaded from this website.