On Monday 30 May the creative team for the design and implementation of the consumer campaign on chilled chicken had their first joint meeting at the office of PT Amonra in Jakarta. The objective of the campaign is to change the attention, interest and desire of the consumers in and around Jakarta to buy cooled poultry meat. PT Amonra is in charge of the design of the campaign materials. Amonra will work together with colleagues from PT Dasa Strategik Indonesia for the development of social media and the organisation of a media event around the launch of the campaign. The third partner, PT Kitalu Media Komunika, is in charge of organising and implementing a series of public events during which consumers can taste the cooled chicken prepared by an Indonesian chef. Mr Amri Putradjaja is Director of Amonra and will coordinate the creative process and implementation of the campaign.

During the meeting on 30 May the colleagues of Amonra, Dasa and Kitalu met with Ms Gemma Tacken of LEI Wageningen UR. She is overall in charge of the DIFS Live component related to consumer issues. She will be monitoring the progress and impact of the campaign and regular updates on the campaign will be posted on this website. Also present at the meeting were DIFS Live Coordinator Frank Joosten of Advance Consulting and the Indonesian Support Officer Andriyono Adhi of Food Agribusiness Centre.