A total of 98 participants from the dairy sector in West Java attended a workshop organised by the dairy experts in the DIFS Live team on the 16th of November. The dairy team led by Bram Wouters (Wageningen Livestock Research) and Amin Sutiarto (Trouw Nutrion Indonesia) presented the main outcomes and lessons from the past three years. The workshop was organised in close cooperation with the Directorate Animal Feed of the Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta. The three main topics that were presented related to the DIFS Live findings and recommendations on (a) improved fodder supplies; (b) concentrate feed production; and (c) improved feeding practices and capacity building at KUD level.
In addition to Bram Wouters and Amin Sutiarto the presenters also included Professor Luki Abdullah (IPB), Mr Co Daatselaar (Wageningen Economic Research) and Mr Md. Tohir (Trouw Nutrition Indonesia). Furthermore several of the dairy farmers and feed advisors of the two cooperatives in Cikajang and Saluyu where the different improvements were piloted shared their experiences. The day was concluded with a panel discussion.
The main findings and recommendations of the dairy component under DIFS Live are also covered in a video film which can be viewed through this link:
In addition, TROBOS published an article on the event: http://www.trobos.com/detail-berita/2017/12/01/85/9639/workshop-difs-live-program–meningkatkan-kapasitas-peternak-sapi-perah
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