The first part of the Expert Broiler Farm Management training was organised by the DIFS-Live project to increase the Animal Focused Management (AFM) knowledge and skills among broiler farm trainers.

Nowadays broilers grow very fast in a short time which implies that management of these birds must be on a high level to obtain optimum results. Small faults in the beginning of the production cycle (first week) of broilers can result in enormous negative effects on production performance at the end of the cycle. Besides the brooding period, health status, bio-security at the farm and nutrition are key factors for a successful flock.

The above mentioned topics were discussed by three different poultry experts from the Netherlands during a two-day training on two different locations. Dr Sander Lourens spoke about the essentials of good brooding practice, Dr Teun Veldkamp about the right feed at the right time and DVM Wouter Steenhuisen about the available options to improve broiler health. After the different lectures, a dissection practical training was organised with the purpose to improve the knowledge of the trainees on broilers in relation to health status.

The trainings were organised on Tuesday April 25th 2017 at the office of Medion in Bandung and on Thursday April 27th 2017 at IPB in Bogor. In total 101 persons participated in the trainings; almost 40% of the participants were farm mangers or staff of the farms, whereas 25% worked for the Livestock Service Institute (DINAS). The rest of the participants were staff of the project implementation partner Medion. At the end of the training period, all participants received a training certificate from the leader of the training: Dr. Sander Lourens from the Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Participants were very enthusiastic about the training and they were particularly interested in the practical dissection part of the training. In general it was a very successful training mission with a high number of participants. A farmer quoted: “The dissection training gives me a lot of skills to predict and understand the health status of my flock”.

The second part of the Expert Broiler Farm Management Training will take place in September and will focus on ‘Closed Housing’.