During the first week of November 2015, the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta and the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services organised a study visit on best practices for the medium and small scale broiler industry to the Netherlands for master trainers. The following five participants, selected by the DG Livestock and Animal Health Services, participated in the study visit:

  • Imron Suandy, Directorate of Veterinary Public Health, DGLAHS-MoA
  • Dwi Windiana, Animal Health Training Centre in Cinagara, MoA
  • Widya Hermana, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, IPB
  • Denny Widaya Lukman, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, IPB
  • Trikisowo Jumino, PT Pangan Guna Sejahtera

The general aim of the training was to familiarise the five Indonesian experts with the approaches and technologies developed by Dutch public and private sector partners to ensure the safe supply of chicken meat to the consumer markets. Subjects such as public-private cooperation, food safety – regulations and compliance systems, supply chain efficiency, broiler health and welfare, efficient and safe slaughtering practices were discussed.

During the study week, the Indonesian participants visited the following Dutch companies and organisations: Avined, Clazing Export Slaughterhouse, Marel Stork Processing BV, PTC+, Wageningen UR, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Directorate Agriculture).

The one-week study visit was organised under the umbrella of the DIFS-live programme.