On Monday the 14th of August an opening ceremony was held at IPB Diploma to mark the start of the Training of Trainers (ToT) course on Poultry Abattoir Hygiene and Broiler Farm Management.

The aim of the course is to support the strengthening of the existing poultry curriculum of selected vocational schools, to better fit the needs of the developing sector and to incorporate the valuable lessons learnt under the DIFS Live programme. The strengthening of the curriculum is done in collaboration with the vocational schools and other stakeholders.

During the ToT course, selected  lecturers from the vocational schools IPB Diploma, SMK Ciamis and VEDCA were trained on improved hygienic and slaughtering practices that fit well with the standards required in modern slaughtering facilities and on improved broiler practices. The course included theoretical as well as practical classes.

The course took place from the 14th until the 24th of August at IPB Diploma. Classes related to Poultry Abattoir Hygiene were given by Wim Tondeur from the Dutch company Tondeur VTCA and the classes related to Broiler Farm Management were given by Bertus Bronkhorst and Helmich van Rees from the Dutch company PTC+.

At the end of October a follow-up pilot training will take place, which will be executed by the trained lecturers for a selected group of Indonesian broilers farmers.