The course “Expert Broiler Management” is part of the DIFS-Live training module to assist broiler farmers with improving their technical and economic results. The purpose of this training is to increase the Animal Focused Management (AFM) knowledge and skills among broiler farm trainers. The first part of this training was organised in April 2017 and the second part in October 2017.
The second part of the training was organised at two different locations: at the Medion production centre in Bandung, and at IPB Animal Hospital in Bogor. At each location two full training days were organised, similar for each location.
Invitees were employees of DINAS, Medion staff, Chiami vocational school, DIFS-Live pilot broiler farm managers and representatives of the poultry association GOPAN. In total, around 90-100 participants participated in the training. After welcoming the participants at the training location, an introduction on the DIFS-Live programme was given and “the Broiler Signals” guides, translated into Bahasa for the DIFS-Live, was introduced and distributed to all trainees.
During the two training days, the following subjects were presented and discussed with the participants:

First training day:
Essentials of good brooding practice – Dr Sander Lourens (WUR)
The right feed at the right time – Dr Teun Veldkamp (WUR)
Common poultry diseases in Indonesia – Prof. Bambang Prontjo Priosoeryanto (IPB)
How to improve broiler health and practical training – Drs Wouter Steenhuisen (DVM Poultry Consult)

Second training day:
Data collection to optimise technical and economic results – Dr. Sander Lourens (WUR)
Ventilation principles for broilers in hot climates – Mr Erwin Sommen (Sommen BV)
Water quality in broiler houses – Dr Sander Lourens (WUR)
Antibiotics use in Indonesia and The Netherlands – Mr. Jelte Kock (HAS Den Bosch)
Gumboro and Coccidiosis in Indonesia – Prof. Agus Setiyono (IPB)
Innovations in the broiler sector based on AFM – Dr Sander Lourens and Mr Erwin Sommen

Translations during the trainings were given by DIFS-Live Poultry Coordinator Rajali Yahya DVM, MBA. At the end of the second training day, a certificate of training was handed the participants and photos were taken to celebrate this unique moment.

According to the participants “this training bridged the gap between theory and practice and the information could be put in practice immediately!”