The project stimulates the improvement of water supply and improved feed troughs on the small scale dairy farms. Cows should always have free access to water but on many small scale dairy farms this is not the case. Also the design of many feed troughs is not optimal which makes it difficult for cows to reach the feed and for farmers to clean the feed trough. The project facilitated a visit of some demo farmers and a constructor to Cikole dairy training centre and provided farmers with a simple design for continuous water supply and improved feed trough. At the moment 7 of the 9 demo farmers have an improved water and feed trough and the dairy coop KPGS Cikajang has started with a small revolving fund for improvement of the water supply and feed trough for their cows (farmers can get a loan and repay via the milk sales). A number of farmers reported that milk production has increased by about 1 liter per cow per day by letting the cows have free access to water all the time. More information can be obtained from and/or