The DIFS-Live partner Trouw Nutrion Indonesia (TNI) officially opened its second production plant in Indonesia on the 4th of September 2015. The new plant is located at Pasuruan near Surabaya. TNI is part of the Nutreco Group and produces premixes, feed formulations and feed solutions of the animal and fish sector. In DIFS-Live TNI participates in the dairy feed component.

The official opening of the plant was attended by a few hundred guests and was hosted by the management and staff of TNI. Special guests included amongst others the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor Ms Lucie Wassink and Nutreco’s CEO Mr Knut Hesse.

During his welcome address the TNI General Manager Mr Haiko Zuidhoff said: “We foresee a large increase in animal protein based diets in Asia. There is therefore an increasing need for safe and sound feeding solutions for livestock and aquaculture”.

Opening TNI Surabaya (2)Mr Knut Hesse also referred in his opening address to TNI’s involvement in the DIFS-Live Programme’ and explained how this involvement is central to Nutreco’s mission to help ‘Feeding the Future’: “It is important that an international company such as Nutreco shares its knowledge and is involved in transfer of technology. We are happy to contribute and I foresee our involvement in more of these types of projects.”

The new premix plant in East Java is Nutreco’s second premix plant in Indonesia and its fifth in Asia. It has a 12,000 ton premix and farm minerals capacity and will employ 20 people. The expansion allows TNI to better serve Indonesian farmers and feed mills through enhanced nutritional services and faster response times.