In 2017 the Dairy Cattle Feed component of the DIFS-Live programme focussed on the dissemination of the results achieved by the demo farmers with a wider group of farmers in the coops KPSP Saluyu and KPGS Cikajang. In meetings at respectively KPSP Saluyu (August 10, 2017) and KPGS Cikajang (August 14, 2017), the experiences of the demo farmers were shared with group leaders of farmer groups in the coop. In total, 10 group leaders in KPSP Saluyu and 35 group leaders in KPGS Cikajang attended this event. The activities and results of the project were presented by the project field officers while demo farmers gave a testimony of their experiences with improved fodders, silage making of maize, the use of improved concentrate feeds, the application of improved feeding practices and the improved feed and water trough. The farmers showed great interest and at the end of the meeting forms could be filled in, in which they indicated the need for more follow-up. Most participants showed interest in improvement of feeding practices, improved concentrate feed and particularly in Cikajang the improved feed and water trough. The coops, by means of the feed advisors, provision of credit and production of improved concentrate feed, need to support these farmers in the future. It became once more clear that the feed advisors have an important role to play (improvement of feeding practices) to improve the feeding situation at the dairy farms.