PT Medion and DIFS-Live work together in the field of promoting higher productivity and profits in the broiler farming sector. Part of this cooperative programme is the establishment of a practical centre where broiler farmers and poultry advisors can observe and gain experience with managing closed broiler houses. Two improved prototype broiler houses are constructed by Medion and DIFS Live just outside Bandung. One of the broiler house will be equipped with cross ventilation system and the other with tunnel ventilation.

The construction of the prototype broiler houses started in September 2016 and will be completed by mid-December 2016. The Dutch company Sommen BV will provide the management software and hardware. In January 2017 the two new broiler house will be put into operation as demonstration farms under the name “Medion Experience Centre”. This centre will be used by Medion and DIFS Live for monitoring, training and demonstration purposes.

If you wish to know more about the Medion Experience Centre, please contact the DIFS-Live Poultry Advisor (Dr Rajali Yahya;