The Poultry World Magazine has published an article on the Modern Broiler Learning Centre (MBLC). The MBLC has been established by DIFS Live together with PT Medion Farma Jaya and Sommen Automation & Electronics just outside Bandung, West Java. The centre was officially opened on Thursday 19th January and is being used for demonstration and practical training on improved broiler farming principles and practices. The MBLC shows that with a relative low level of investments, major improvements are within reach. Challenges such as heat stress, disease pressure and management conditions can be improved, with immediate positive consequences for profitability, animal- and farm performance. Poultry World decided to have a look for itself in the town of Bandung, together with senior researcher of Wageningen University, Rick van Emous and published a farm report. According to the report, the contrast between the traditional poultry houses and the Modern Broiler Learning Center is huge. The first flock outperformed Cobb breeding standards.

The farm report can be found here: