In April 2016, Ivo Claassen and Rick van Emous (Wageningen UR) undertook a mission to Indonesia. They visited broiler farms in West Java to discuss pilot programs to improve broiler production in Indonesia. The pilots focus on management of DOC’s and young birds, reduction of heat stress and water and food management. It was concluded that in collaboration with the farmers the optimization of water management should be a first step for improvement.

In the framework of the DIFS Live project, Ivo Claassen and Rick van Emous carried out a field mission to Indonesian farms halfway April. In total six farms were visited during 1.5 week and several discussions were conducted with staff of the farms, farm managers and general managers. The farms ranged in size from 25000 to 60000 birds.

The Dutch delegation was guided by Mr. Bubun S. Hirawan from Medion which is one of the partners of the DIFS Live project. During the farm visits it became more and more evident that water is one of the keys to success.

All farms obtain water from deep wells and store the water in tanks before distribution to the birds. Often this involves long pipelines to the poultry house and the design and management of these water systems is important to guarantee that good quality water is ingested by the birds (each birds needs 5-6 litres of water to reach a weight of 1.5 kgs).

DIFS will support participating farmers in the evaluation of their water management and where necessary the improvement of the hardware. Also they will provide training on proper use of disinfectant and maintenance of the water systems.

In short the first steps of the pilot programme will include:

  • A water sampling program (in collaboration with Medion) will be set up to collect more data about the water quality and trends in quality over flocks and seasons. This will help to measure the effect of the intervention but also to create more awareness with the poultry farmers on the importance of proper water management.
  • Design and implementation of improved water systems on the farms with special attention for suitability for in situ cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • Development of a training program for farm managers and staff to improve the understanding of the importance of water and management of the water system. Also SOPs for water management will be developed.

This plan will be implemented and discussed during the next mission at the end of May/beginning of June.

In collaboration with a Dutch and an Indonesian partner the development of a two floor semi-closed chicken house has started. It is expected that the Medion Experience Centre (MEC) will be ready in November this year. Discussions have started with one poultry farmer that has shown interest in building a one tier semi-closed broiler house employing local construction technology with the support of DIFS-live.