In the Dairy Cattle Feed component of DIFS-Live, the feed advisors and field officers play a crucial role in providing advice and training to the farmers. In practice the feed advisors and field officers have to deal with farmers who do not or slowly adopt advice. Besides technical training the feed advisors and field officers felt a need to further develop their skills on how to communicate and how to get the message across to their farmers. Therefore, the feed advisors and field officers and some other staff members of KPSP Saluyu and KPGS Cikajang  got an additional one day training in communication and extension skills on the 5th of June in Bandung. This training built on an earlier training communication and extension conducted in February 2016.

An important aspect in the training was how to change farmer’s mind-set in relation to adoption of better feeding practices.  In addition, the training focused on further improvement of communication skills, methods to interact with the farmers and extension methods. Training methods applied included among others Participatory Learning and Action techniques with a continuous activity of action-reflection-action-reflection.

In total 8 staff members of the coops participated with great interest which was stimulated by the interactive approach of the trainer. The training was concluded by a positive evaluation and participants received at the end a certificate.