End of November 2016, Rick van Emous (Wageningen UR) and Irma Verhoosel (Advance Consulting visited eight different independent broiler farms in Bogor, Jakarta and Bekasi. At these farms they discussed the possibilities to improve the water supply systems with the aim to contribute to optimised broiler production. The supply of sufficient clean water is essential for healthy and profitable broiler production. The mission was successful and the first improved water system will be installed in December 2016 at Soma Farm!

Soma Farm was visited for the first time by Mr. Rick van Emous and Mr. Rajali (National Poultry Coordinator) in June 2016. During this first meeting they introduced the proposed intervention to the owner and staff. After a discussion the owner showed interest to participate in the programme and a letter of intent was signed for this purpose. A tailor-made farm improvement plan was formulated and agreed upon. Soma Farm will receive technical assistance, farm monitoring and other support required for the successful implementation of the improvement plan.

To develop a farm specific improved water system, baseline data of the water quality of the well is necessary. Water samples were collected in June-Augustus 2016 and were analysed by private sector partner PT Medion. These baseline data are used as input to design the improved water system at the broiler farms. After the installation of the improved water system has taken place, water sampling will continue. The effects of the intervention will be monitored. The water samples will be analysed and data on the broiler production performance are collected before and after the installation of the improved water systems. In addition, the impact on the health and growth of the flock will be monitored.