After completion of the training of trainers (ToT) courses held in 2016 in which the demo farmers participated, a programme to train the other farmers of the selected farmer groups in KPSP Saluyu and KPGS Cikajang was implemented. This programme focused on dissemination of the results of the feed pilots. Farmer trainings were conducted from the 31th of January until the 2nd of February 2017 for farmers of the farmer groups Parigi, Genung Keling, Cigeurung and other interested farmers from KPSP Saluyu Iin Kuningan. In total 53 farmers attended the trainings of whom 46 males and 7 females. Similar trainings were organised in Cikajang from the 6th until the 9th of March 6. In total 133 farmers attended the trainings of whom 77 males and 56 females from the farmer groups of Sumadra, Pasir Pogor and Pamegatan.

The trainings focused on evaluation of the feeding situation by means of cow and feed signals, improved feeding practices, improved feed and water trough and silage making. The trainings consisted of class room sessions in the mornings and practical exercises on the demo farms in the afternoons where the key points of feeding and feeding practices were demonstrated and discussed. The field officers and feed advisors will follow-up with interested farmers.