On the 16th of February 2017 delegations including board members and managers of the coops KPSP Saluyu and KPGS Cikajang, the Directorate Feed of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and GKSI West Java paid a visit to the Cibitung pre-mix manufacturing plant of PT. Trouw Nutrition Indonesia. The delegations were welcomed by General Manager Mr Nabil Chinniah, who introduced the mother company Nutreco and PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia. Thereafter Mr Amin Sutiarto gave an overview of the DIFS-Live Dairy Cattle Feed project and the progress so far. The delegations visited the plant facility where pre-mixes and supplements are produced, among others the mineral and vitamin pre-mix for dairy cattle feed which is used in the improved concentrate formulas. The delegations also visited the facility of MasterLab Asia in which samples of concentrate feeds and ingredients are analysed. These improved concentrate formulas are currently tested on the demo farms in the coops. The delegations enjoyed this experience and the hospitality very much. The visit was concluded with a photo session and lunch.