On the 24th of January 2017 demo farmers and board members of the coop KPSP Saluyu visited KPGS Cikajang, both partners in the project. During their visit the delegation from KPSP Saluyu met with board members and visited demo farmers (Pak Adis and Pak Dede) in the Pamegatan group who improved their water and feed trough. The visitors were also informed on the revolving fund KPGS Cikajang has initiated for interested farmers to improve their water supply and feed trough, and on the plans of the coop to improve the concentrate feed production. The delegation was very impressed by the visit and  experiences shared by the demofarmers in Cikajang and inspired them to also initiate feed trough and water accesss improvements on farms in their coop KPSP Saluyu.

On the 26th of  January 2017 demo farmers and board members of KPGS Cikajang paid a return visit to KPSP Saluyu in Kuningan. During this visit the delegation visited the farmer group of Pak Haryono to see how members of a farmer group successfully cooperate and make silage from maize. The benefits for the farmers who make and use maize silage combined with use of improved high quality concentrate feed (developed by the programme) once again impressed the delegates from KPGS Cikajang. Especially the increasing revenues through increased milk production and feed cost efficiency inspired them. After the visit discussions were started on how KPSP Saluyu can assist farmers with credit for working capital to buy maize and with a revolving fund for purchasing blue drums for silage.