The translation of ‘Broiler Signals’ into Bahasa, Indonesia was released on the 19th of June during an event that was held the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. The first official copies of this new edition were presented by Ms. Lucie Wassink, Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta, to the participating poultry farmers of DIFS-Live.

This translation of Broiler Signals provides practical advice for poultry-keepers, managers, technical staff and veterinarians in order to optimise the environment and health of their broilers in Indonesia. The book supports poultry-keepers in their role as an entrepreneur and animal-keeper, which results directly in optimal management. Every week is discussed separately and points out an important issue specific to that stage. The focus lays on animal-oriented procedures, thus the book is vital for poultry-farmers and anyone involved in poultry on a regular basis. For poultry-farmers, this means being alert when in the poultry house, watching and listening to the animals, paying attention to their environment and their behavior as individuals and as a group. This usually provides important information about animals’ health, well-being and production.

The authors of Broiler Signals are Maarten de Gussem, Kristof van Mullem, Koos van Middelkoop and Ellen van ‘t Veer. Broiler Signals is written in collaboration with advisors, poultry veterinary surgeons, poultry researchers and of course poultry-farmers from all around and adapted towards Indonesian circumstances and conditions!

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