On Thursday the 6th October 2016 the consumer campaign “Ayam Dingin Segar” was officially launched by Dr Ir Riwantoro,  Secretary Generalat the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.. Through this campaign consumers in the Greater Jakarta region are informed about the fact that cooled chicken meat is a good alternative to the uncooled chicken that is still regularly sold at the wet markets and through street vendors.

Ibu Sri Mukatini, Director Veterinary Public Health at the Ministry of Agriculture and Chef and Health & Nutrition Advisor Edwin Lau explained the advantages of cooled chicken meat and answered questions from the audience. Together they explained the benefits of cooled / chilled chicken:

A.      Cooled chicken is fresh: The meat is processed (cut and clean) and cooled immediately after slaughtering and therefore its taste, flavours and original qualities are perfectly preserved for the best meal for your family.

B.      Cooled chicken is convenient to buy and prepare: You can buy cooled chicken at any time of the day, store it in the refrigerator and prepare it at once or in several parts throughout the week.

C.      Cooled chicken is versatile: it can be used in every recipe and all your favourite dishes from the Indonesian cuisine.

The launch of consumer campaign “Ayam Dingin Segar” attracted a lot of attention. In total more than 80 people attended the lively event at the Aston Hotel at Jl. Simatupang. Among the audience were journalists from the newspapers, magazines and television, bloggers and representatives of different sector organisations and women groups.

Soon after the launch the Ayam Dingin Segar message became one of the main trending topics on Twitter in Indonesia. The following day several leading papers (Busniss Indonesia, Jakarta Post, Media Indonesia) published photos and articles on the campaign.

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