Project outline

.. sustainable development of the poultry meat and dairy sub-sectors in West Java ..

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Inception phase

.. used to prepare detailed work plans for the three-year implementation phase of the programme ..

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Partners of DIFS-Live

.. DIFS-Live is developed and implemented by partners with extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise ..

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Consumer awareness & supply chain initiatives

.. a consumer campaign was developed and implemented aimed at increasing the awareness, interest and desire for cooled chicken ..

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Poultry processing

.. a shift towards medium and large scale slaughter houses located outside the urban areas is desired ..

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Poultry farming

.. main objective of this project component is to contribute to sustainable poultry meat production, where farmer income and animal health is increased and environmental burden is decreased ..

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Dairy feed

.. overall aim of the dairy feed component of DIFSLIVE is to contribute to food security by increasing local milk production and net farm incomes of dairy farmers in Western Java ..

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The Indonesian and Dutch Governments work together on improving the food and nutrition security situation in Indonesia.

This bilateral programme focuses amongst others on the poultry meat and the dairy sub-sectors. Poultry and dairy products are among the most important sources of animal protein for the Indonesian consumers.


DIFSLIVE focusses on West Java and aims to contribute to:

(i) Increased access to safe animal protein products for urban consumers;

(ii) Increased farm income levels of smallholder dairy and poultry producers.

Target and partners

The main beneficiary groups of DIFS-Live are the small and medium scale poultry and dairy producers and urban consumers in West Java. To achieve the required impact at the level of these beneficiary groups DIFS-Live also works with public and private service providers, knowledge institutes, input suppliers, slaughterhouses and other processing companies, wholesale and retail traders active in the dairy and poultry sectors.

Our partners

DIFSLIVE is financed by the Government of the Netherlands and Dutch and Indonesian private sector partners.

Latest news

“Ayam Dingin Segar” Campaign started

On Thursday the 6th October 2016 the consumer campaign “Ayam Dingin Segar” was officially launched by Dr Ir Riwantoro,  Secretary Generalat the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.. Through this campaign consumers in the Greater Jakarta region are informed about the...

Medion Experience Centre under construction

PT Medion and DIFS-Live work together in the field of promoting higher productivity and profits in the broiler farming sector. Part of this cooperative programme is the establishment of a practical centre where broiler farmers and poultry advisors can observe and gain...

Benefits of (semi)closed broiler houses

In August 2016, training on (semi)close house management for broiler farm managers of different farms in West Java was organized by Mr Rajali Yahya on behalf of DIFS-live. The training, given by Wageningen-UR expert Dr. Rick van Emous, focused on the different aspects...